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Leisure programmes in New Zealand
Friday, December 10, 2010 6:33 AM
New Zealand is a big country, it has several cities thus, and every city actually carries out different leisure activity. I have chosen to zoom in and focus on one city which is Rotorua.

Festivals and Events
One of the famous events held at Rotorua is the Rotorua Festival of Arts. It is a bi -annual event that started in 1999. The event can help enhance Rotorua as a destination by promoting the community participation and education of the arts. The event embraces unique experiences, Maori culture, diversity, entertainment and expression. It consists of several areas such as the performing arts, visual arts and musical arts.

Another event would be the Rhapsody Rotorua Festival, which is international schools music event. It is the first international schools music event to be held in New Zealand. The event aims to let student gain exposure, an opportunity to rehearse, and play with famous bands. Apart from performances, amateur musicians like the students can also attend workshops available during the event days.

From my research, I found that most of the events or festivals held at Rotorua are very much culture oriented as it contains areas like the arts. For example the two events mentioned above are both music art festivals. This shows the upcoming importance of promoting culture.

Rotorua offers several unique activities for pure enjoyment purposes. Some examples include:

Agrojet- It is the fastest jet boat ride in New Zealand, the activity is held through a watercourse at a very high speed

Rotorua Bungy – This is basically a bungee jump that gives people an adrenaline rush

Freefall Xtreme – It is an activity that gives you the feeling like you are skydiving but however in a safer environment

Shweeb – It is an activity whereby a person has to pedal within the Shweeb pod around a 600m long course. Races can be held against one another

Rotorua have a lot of activities for visitors due to the space available and that it is also one of the largest tourist areas, whereby most of the activities are catered specially for tourists. There are several companies that hold activities at Rotorua, different companies offer different play activities.

The above 4 activities are from a company called Agroventures, there are other companies such as the ZORB that offers the ZORB ball and River Rats Rafting Adventures that offer river rafting activities. Therefore, a wide range of activities is available at Rotorua it just depends on personal preferences as to which activity a person would like to do.