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New Zealand, famous for?
Friday, December 10, 2010 6:42 AM
I have been to New Zealand once, based on my observation when I was there and my research; I can conclude a few areas that New Zealand is famous for.

New Zealand has amazing scenery due to the fact that they are surrounded by mountains, volcanoes and waters. Their peaceful environment can be seen by simply taking a drive on the freeway and all you actually see are farm house and grass, and maybe at the far end a volcano.

Indigenous group
The Maori are largely recognizable all over the world, due to their unique face tattoos, costumes, traditions and culture. Most of tourists who travel to tourism would definitely make their way up to Rotorua in order to view the traditional dance and items of the Maori people. Also, due to the fact that New Zealand has a cultural blend, it shows clearly in the New Zealand culture, the influence of Maori.

All Blacks
The sports industry is growing and is one of the important revenue generators in the world. Sports events are becoming regular and highly commercialized. The All Blacks is the New Zealand rugby team, New Zealand is known for the All Blacks because they are the only rugby team that actually does the traditional haka dance before every match they play. Due to the fact that they are being marketed very well, their merchandises a widely sold and are very popular, they are becoming like a way of branding New Zealand; the ‘faces’ of New Zealand. For example, even though I am not a rugby fan but, I do own a shoe bag by the All Blacks because they are famous. In actual fact, I don’t know anything in depth about them.

Icons of New Zealand
The three icons that represents New Zealand are the kiwi, silver fern and tuatara(lizard). New Zealand is famous for their icons as it gives them the identity and it is unique to their country. New Zealanders are even called Kiwis due to the fact that their national icon is the kiwi.

Geothermal activities
Due to the fact that New Zealand has a lot of volcanoes, geothermal activities are common. In Rotorua, a tourist site called Wai-O- Tapu allows tourists to be up close and in the area of geothermal activity. Tourists get to see the different wonders caused by volcanoes.